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Our newest release is RADIO UNDERGROUND, a thrilling and moving historical fiction novel.

With swift, bold, and powerful writing, debut author Alison Littman captures the devastating uprising against the Soviet regime in Cold War Hungary, illuminating a time in history when news, rock ‘n’ roll and underground journalism forever changed the lives of those living behind the Iron Curtain. Especially in today’s political climate, where many Americans cling to symbols of resistance, RADIO UNDERGROUND is a relevant novel that explores the lengths and limits of love, loyalty and the power of expression.

***A Lauren Conrad Top Ten Winter Read for 2019***

“Radio Underground tells a thrilling story of family and loyalty in the face of oppression […] its warm-blooded characters stole my heart. A propulsive read and a timely reminder that maintaining our humanity requires courage as much as love.” — Kim van Alkemade, New York Times best-selling author of Orphan #8 and Bachelor Girl

“Set during the Hungarian revolution of 1956 and its heartbreaking aftermath, this vivid and compelling novel is a story of courage, family and the importance of “breaking the silence.” — Susan Breen, author of The Fiction Class

"Radio Underground, with its story of rebellious twenty-somethings by and for Millennials (and readers of other generations too), offers an international and historical perspective to those standing up for freedom and democracy today." - Lyn Miller-Lachmann, reviewer and committee chair at PEN America

*****Five out of five stars from Readers’ Favorite*****

“Radio Underground reads like a movie… A revolutionary tale written with style.” —Readers’ Favorite

Paperback| 978-0-996430-62-3 | $15.95

EPub | 978-0-996430-63-0 | $9.99

MobiPocket | 978-0-996430-64-7 | $9.99

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